Teachers training

„A modern vocational teacher as the trademark of the future gastronomy and hospitality industry leaders”  

The mobility programme took place in five 4 and 5-star hotels and a cooking school in Malta. It was targeted at two groups of 12 people. The first group taking part from 29.09.2014 to 05.10.2014 and the second one taking part from 06.10.2014 to 12.10.2014.

The mobility programme was targeted at professional English and German language teachers, vocational teachers as well as teachers directly cooperating with vocational teachers. The vocational teachers have gained new skills concerning:

Information systems used in hotels in Malta, different techniques used to prepare a healthy diet in global cuisine, marketing strategies applied in gastronomy and tourism industry, learning English language. On the other hand, professional English and German teachers were familiarized with food preparation and cooking techniques. In both cases, the issues helped the vocational and language teachers to gain more practical knowledge of vocational subjects. The expected result of the project was to use the knowledge gained during the internships and implement it in the classroom. As a result, both language and vocational teachers cooperated together to create a unique way of conducting lessons. They complemented each other. For example, teaching about Mediterranean cuisine while implementing healthy eating principles which was done in English or German language.  

General subject teachers, who also took part in the project, were responsible for creating the right cultural and historical context. This unique way of conducing lessons helped our students  to take up an employment on the European market in terms of professional and foreign language skills. Additionally, it has been highly motivating for students to gain general knowledge. 

Contact Seminar - 2008 - France

Establishing a contact with teachers working within the projects. As a result, a new partnership was established. It allowed students to participate in ‘Foreign internship as a way to awake the creativity and professional skills’ project. 

Individual Scholarship - 2007 - Norway

The main assumption of the project was to familiarize the teachers with the Norwegian-based fusion cuisine. The main objectives of the project were:
* Familiarizing the participants with the traditional Norwegian recipes.
* Preparing traditional Norwegian dishes using traditional food preparation techniques.
* Familiarizing with contemporary food garnishing techniques including carving.