"The cuisine and hotel industry of the Baleares as a chance to improve the professional career of students of hotel and cuisine industry from Tychy" - „Gastronomia i hotelarstwo Balearów szansą na karierę zawodową dla tyskich kucharzy i hotelarzy” -  Majorca - 2014

Date: 2014
Total value: 96 932 Euro

The main objectives of the projects were:
* Familiarizing  with and preparation of regional dishes according to original Spanish recipes.
* Familiarizing the latest techniques of serving the hotel guests at the reception
* Familiarizing with preparation of the hotel and conference rooms.
* Familiarizing with different techniques of laying the tables for different events.
* Improving the knowledge of English and German languages.

The expecting results of the project were:
* Implementing new cooking techniques and Mediterranean cuisine recipes in places where students undergo their internships.
* Developing abilities to communicate in professional English and German languages by the students.
* Improving students’ chances of getting a position in high-quality restaurants and hotels after graduating.
* Both, practical and theoretical knowledge of management and functioning of international gastronomic businesses.
* Formal confirmation of students’ qualifications by obtaining Europass Mobility certificate.

These are the unquestionable benefits of participation in the project:
* Acquiring professional and language skills by students which will turn out to be indispensable in their future workplace as well as in their personal growth. Additionally, it will improve students’ chances of employment in the country and abroad.
*The students have become resourceful and creative, which can motivate them to set up their own businesses.
*Familiarizing with the national heritage of the host country.
*Acquiring interpersonal skills.

Forms of validation:
The participants have received language certificates, Europass Mobility documents and certificates of participation issued by the school and the hotel. The main goals of the project have been successfully achieved which is reflected by the highest marks obtained by the participants.


"Gastronomia i hotelarstwo Balearów
szansą na karierę zawodową
dla tyskich kucharzy i hotelarzy”

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